Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Linda Allen is a Consultant Liaison and General Psychiatrist with many years’ experience in psychiatry. She is formally trained as a consultation-liaison psychiatrist who specialises in the interface between medicine and psychiatry. She sees adult patients with comorbid medical conditions referred by other treating medical consultants and also patients referred by General Practitioners.

Dr Linda Allen is interested in how her patient’s mental health is affecting their medical care and treatment. She sees patients with conditions that result in psychiatric or behavioural symptoms, such as anxiety and depression and also patients who may not have a psychiatric disorder but are experiencing distress related to their medical problems.

She sees patients with cancer, grief and depression and has a special interest in breast cancer.

As a specialist in General Psychiatry and Depression, Dr Linda Allen is familiar with both the social and biological sciences of mental health. She works extensively with sufferers of depression including Major Depressive Mood Disorder, Bi-polar Affective Disorder and dysthymia, a state of chronic depressed mood.